About Artifact

Artifact is a discovery and design education consultancy dedicated to unearthing user insights that support deeply human user experiences.

We discover the intent behind good ideas, distill those ideas down into clear action plans for products and services that exceed all expectations, and educate internal teams about design best practices so that they can repeat the design process all over again – the same but better every time.

We don’t just ‘do’ design for our clients. We help entire teams do design for themselves.

Artifact is different than most UX teams.

We don’t solve for standalone problems. Instead, we solve for specific problems and general patterns, the kind that plague businesses and hurt end users. By working with us, teams learn how to anticipate future points of friction by putting design thinking into action. Stakeholders realize the value of design as an entire culture shift. Customers feel the difference when design is put front and center to support their experiences.

We lead and educate in equal measure to help make UX more understandable and less overwhelming.

Our team is the clear voice of reason that eliminates endless cycles of indecision, the direction that pushes iterations towards their next best step, and the confidence that delivers clarity for the path ahead.

Regardless of title, department, or experience working with design, we meet our clients where they are to level up their UX skills and and help them become more design literate. By collectively participating in and collaboratively guiding the design process, we pride ourselves on putting the tools to succeed in the hands of those who are doing the building.