What we do is also what we help clients do for themselves.


You’ve got this great idea in mind.

A product, a service, a new way of putting better out into the world. And yet, while better occupies your imagination, it's always just been out of reach out here in the real world. Your concept runs in circles, carries a big unknown, or feels like a risky investment without a solid guarantee. While you’re certain that your idea has legs, you’re stumped about how to transform that idea into an actionable, tangible user experience rooted in real feedback, verified by real proof.

Artifact works with clients as their personal UX guides, pushing ideas forward to uproot assumptions about ‘what is’, while researching, demonstrating, educating for what could be. Along the way, we begin with the general premise, zoom into the specific pain points, solve for ‘X’, and always, always ask ourselves and each other “why?”.

You’ll quickly realize that our work style is friendly and casual -- never prescriptive or uppity. Working elbow-to-elbow, we define what success looks like from Day One, so we know exactly where to aim during the project’s lifetime. Once the work is underway, we begin checking off project-specific goals while sharing the valuable habits, skills, and modes of design thinking that help you build on what you know, so you can keep building better...and even better after that.


User Research

Your users know better than anyone that getting things done is the only thing that matters. We explore your ideas in-depth through a combination of user research, contextual inquiry, and interviews. In doing so, we introduce you to the people that will be interacting with your product, delivering all the insight you need to give customers that feel-good sense of accomplishment that keeps them coming back.

Product Evaluations

Products stumble to succeed when those who create them take missteps to understand them in the hands of the user. We test, inquire, and evaluate products before they see the light of day, constantly making adjustments based on feedback, and iterating to ensure that relevance, ease of use, and return on investment are aligned in favor of those who are using it most.

Workshops and Product Design Summits

When it comes to basic design principles, it’s true that if you’ve learned it once, you’ve learned it forever.  Artifact’s workshops and summits are immersive, in-person events made possible by a spirit of collaboration. Over a period of 1-3 days, our business, technology, and marketing brain trust rallies together to support clients in their pursuit of better design by offering a concentrated learning opportunity, jam packed with tools, tips, and techniques. Clients enter as novices and leave as experts, ready to apply what they’ve learned to every project kickoff from here on out.

UX Training

We saw early on that a trusted UX partner is hard to find, and that a solid UX education is hard to get – especially at scale. We support teams that recognize the value of strong UX implemented on a regular basis by tailoring all the training, resources, and learning tools necessary for building design thinking into the fabric of your company’s overall culture.